Nancy and Andrew | Castle Rock Wedding Photographer

April 4, 2013

Um…this couple.  I love them…yup, they were pretty much game for whatever.  Which makes me rub my hands together and get excited.  Okay, I didn’t really do that…but I loved how much they trusted me.  It makes for a relaxed session.  Not only that…but I kind of loved that they were a little bit shy…and then towards the end they felt they could be themselves.  As always, I love to observe people…yup, one of my favorite things to do.  Everyone has their own dynamic, their own way of relating to the world and to their loved ones.    And its one of the reasons I love so much what I do…and this couple did not disappoint.  Their happiness in their engagement, the planning for their beautiful wedding at The Villa…and that it is almost time to share their vows with each other.  The engagement…goes by so quickly so its beautiful for me to see a couple so embrace where they are at.    Enjoy a few of our photos that afternoon!!




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