Evergreen Lake House Wedding | Melissa and Austin | Denver Wedding Photographer

July 11, 2016

This wedding had me worried for minute.  Haha…when we first arrived we were surrounded by POURING down crazy rain.  Jen and I looked at each other and she said no worries…lets make this an umbrella wedding.  🙂   I called Melissa and asked how she felt about portraits with umbrellas.  She laughed and said she was game for anything.  I was mentally going through all the cool portraits that would happen with umbrellas.  It would be unique…it would be epic.  I’m laughing as the weather decided to cooperate and did amazing things that no man made umbrella could ever replicate.  The sun broke through just before the ceremony and created this gorgeous haze.  My mouth fell open…seriously, it was jaw dropping beautiful.  Evergreen Lake house sits in the middle of this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and it was so breathtaking.

But lets get back to another reason I loved this sweet wedding.  Melissa and Austin.  They are quite possibly, one of the nicest couples I’ve ever photographed.  And that is saying a lot as all of my clients are pretty incredibly kind.   But I loved how caring they were.   They were quick to laugh,  offer help where needed, hug their families, said many words of encouragement (not that Jen and I needed it but they kind of made us feel like rock stars with their compliments 😉 ) or to make sure we had eaten.  Ahhh, its those little details that flowed not only from Melissa and Austin, but from their family and friends as well.   I just felt like I was smiling the whole time I photographed this beautiful wedding.  And looking back through their wedding day photos it brings me back to that sweet feeling.    What an amazing day…an even more amazing couple.  Congrats Austin and Melissa…truly honored to have photographed your beautiful day!   There were many amazing vendors that helped make this day special.  I will leave links to their pages/websites at the end of this blog post.

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Elizabeth Ann Photography

Elizabeth Ann Photography | kreatid Photography and Design

Venue | Evergreen Lake House

Florist | Selena Lungstrum

Cake | Kneaders

Bridal Gown | The Bridal Collection

Grooms Attire | Jos. A. Banks

Videographer | Luke Metzger



  1. THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!!! the liiiight. swoon <3

  2. Rayna says:

    Gorgeous wedding. I love the foggy setting, such to die for lighting!

  3. Lindy Copeland says:

    The light in these photos is unbelievable! GREAT job capturing the sweet details and moments with the couple. Truly wonderful work!

  4. Jenae Lopez says:

    so so pretty!! of course the ones on the lake are stunning of the two of them- but I really love the Bridal and Bridesmaids shots on the deck, and bouquet too! beautiful!

  5. Jenae says:

    so so pretty!! of course the ones on the lake are stunning of the two of them- but I really love the Bridal and Bridesmaids shots on the deck, and bouquet too! beautiful!

  6. michele with one L says:

    I have been wanting to see this blog post ever since you shared that first single image. This is beyond gorgeous — a beautiful day made even more beautiful by the way you captured it!

  7. Danielle Bond says:

    Oh my gosh, absolutely stunning! I love the light and details!

  8. Melanie Graham says:

    Ahhh the light is sooooo beautiful!! I love your detail shots and how great their portraits as bride and groom came out, gorgeous work!

  9. Deziree Dufresne says:

    Oh man, these are jaw-dropping. Cannot get enough of how perfect the light and that haze are! Stunning work! !

  10. Jennie Crate says:

    One of my favorite shoots of yours! You captured the venue and the couple with fresh eyse and so much beauty?

  11. Justyna Elizabeth Butler says:

    light…the location…the details…the story…this couple….SWOON!!! you are such an incredible artist!!!!!

  12. Keziah Kelsey says:

    oh,THIS wedding!! i mean, it’s just magic, just pure pure magic

  13. Corey Elizabeth Weber says:

    This is one of the most beautiful lake weddings I’ve ever seen! The light off the water at sunset is UNREAL! You should submit this to be published EVERYWHERE

  14. Erin Witt says:

    These are so beautiful! The sunset and the fog mixed together made for such a great background. Stunning!

  15. Cara Elizabeth says:

    THESE ARE EPIC! I have been dying to see this blog post for like, ever now. SUCH great work Elizabeth!!!

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