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May 24, 2018

Colorado Golf Club

This couple absolutely knows how to have a fun time.  I think one of my favorite things about this couple was how they spoke about the people they loved.  And how their loved ones spoke about them.  It said so much to me about their beautiful character.  Brenton gave a welcoming toast to all the guests and spoke so genuinely from the heart.  It happened to be mothers day weekend and they both spoke so highly of their Moms and gave them flowers that had quite a few people with tears in their eyes.   Another favorite moment for me at the Colorado Golf Club was Shelby’s first look with her Dad.  For me, that moment is forever one that I will remember from my wedding.  That look on your Dad’s face as I’m sure a million lifetime moments are flashing through his eyes.  I saw that in the way Shelby’s Dad looked at her.  In the way he hugged her and walked her down the aisle.  Shelby is absolutely adored by her family and I loved seeing that.  Which takes me right back to Brenton.  If there was ever anything Shelby needed he was right there making sure she was taken care of.  Love is often seen in the little things we do for each other and Brenton easily did that for Shelby.  I loved when she was tearing up during the ceremony he gave her his pocket square.  I mean…that is beautiful to me. The little details that show the care and affection your man has for you.  Def a soul match with these two.  They make each other laugh and obviously adored each other.  This was honestly just an amazing day for me to spend with Shelby and Brenton and their bridal party.  And let me tell you…this bridal party wins.   Yes, on the dance floor and in all the ways they could help Shelby and Brenton…they were on it.  And they had me and Chelsea laughing all day so its a win win right there for us.

I can not talk about this wedding without mentioning the AMAZING floral work and design that went into this day at the Colorado Golf Club. The colors, the delicate touches and candle lights, delicious cupcakes and a sweet cake…ahhh I could go on.  Really just a jaw dropping beautiful day.  I simply can not wait to share a few of my favorites as well as mentioning all the amazing vendors that helped make this day possible for Shelby and Brenton.  At the end of this post will be the links to their businesses.  If you’d like to follow more of my work you can catch me on my facebook page:

Elizabeth Ann Photography

or my instagram feed:

Liz Weitz

Shelby and Brenton, what an amazing day for me to be part of.  I so enjoyed getting to photograph you both and wish you both many blessings on your beautiful marriage.  Thank you again for choosing me!  I’m so honored!

Photographer | Elizabeth Ann Photography 

2nd photographer | Chelsea Spika
Venue | Colorado Golf Club
Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator and florist | Bello & Blue Events
Cupcakes and Desserts | Posh Pastries
Custom Signage | SweetZion Paperie
Chair Rental | Butler Rents
DJ | Elite Entertainment
Hair and Makeup | Bronze and Beautiful Bridal
Bridal Gown | The Bridal Collection
Bridesmaids | Various styles from David’s Bridal



  1. What a beautiful day! All the details of this wedding are magnificent. Especially the men’s ties!!

  2. Kaleigh says:

    That venue is beautiful- I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Colorado Golf Club before! Looks like a super fun day- I really love the dance floor shots <3

  3. Jennie Crate says:

    Love her unique, classic dress and I LOVE the flowers too!

  4. Jolie Rodriguez says:

    Such a classy and timeless wedding at the Colorado Golf Club. Your vibrant images really pop and I love all the details you captured. Beautiful couple!

  5. Brittany Gamblin says:

    What a beautiful day! Their colors are perfect! <3 You are such a talented photographer!!

  6. Brittany Gamblin says:

    What a beautiful Colorado Golf Club Wedding! <3 You're such a talented photographer! Their colors are perfect!!

  7. Jamie says:

    Outstanding. I love every detail you captured and the light airy style in which you told their wedding story. This Colorado Golf Club wedding looks like a dream come true. My favorite picture was the wedding party looking at someone else while you snapped your version.

  8. Lani Zapata says:

    Life has a funny way of taking us on unknown journeys. It’s much like a river. Some parts of the river are calm. Then we turn the bend and must ride the rapids. Once conquered, we turn the bend again to calm waters. I’ve always wondered where my river would take me. It’s quite fitting that it took me back to Colorado for this wedding.

    I was so very excited to see the people I’ve deeply missed for so long. So happy to meet new people in my son’s life.

    I don’t really know Shelby that well yet, but I’ve always been certain that my son would pick a woman of high honor. He would send pictures of Shelby and when I would have a bad day, I would look at her smile and the whole rest of the world would melt away. I can understand and feel the peace that she brings to my son. That really is all a Mom can ask for.

    When I saw their engagement photo, I thought to myself, “I remember that look. She’s going to follow him wherever he goes.”

    So Jim, I know you are worried. But don’t worry. Brenton will take good care of your daughter.

    For in this family, we work hard. We don’t take handouts, but we help all we come across. We don’t tell lies. We don’t hide things, and we love forever.

    I’m humbled to see that the plan in my life was Shelby.

    So children, go ride your river and never forget to love the others on your way.

  9. Kathryn says:

    I seriously love floral ties! My hubby needs one haha. Beautiful work as always! Such a stunning Colorado Golf Club wedding!

  10. Jennifer K says:

    What a gorgeous set of wedding photos! I’ve never been to the Colorado Golf Club but it looks like an amazing place to get married! Beautiful work, as always!!

  11. Jamie Kraus says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Colorado golf club weddings but you made it look so beautiful, relaxed, and fun!

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