Shove Chapel | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

May 17, 2018

Shove Chapel, Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Christian and Sarah met in a Starbucks.  Haha…Sarah took one last order for the day before finishing up her shift.  And it was Christians.  He was trying to get up the nerve to ask for her number and then saw her leave.   But then a few minutes later Sarah ran back in because she forgot something…Christian didn’t miss his opportunity and asked for her number.  You guys…tell me that is not straight out of a movie!!!   Just a really beautiful cute meet story if I ever heard of one.

Fast forward a few years later and I’m watching two people who absolutely without a doubt complete the other.  Yes, its true.  I loved how incredibly grateful the other seemed of the other.  You could tell what a gift they thought the other was for them.  Beautiful to watch and witness these two share their vows.

What an incredible place to have their wedding ceremony.  if you have the chance you absolutely need to visit Shove Chapel.  Its located in Colorado Springs right in the middle of the city.  Its breathtaking!  The big tall stain glass windows and gorgeous vaulted ceilings…it simply took my breath away.  I will say that Shove Chapel is absolutely one of the darkest places I’ve had to shoot though.  I adored getting to challenge my full light style and embraced shadows and pockets of lights.  For me this wedding will always be one of my favorites for that reason.  What a great start to my wedding season!  At the end of this post will be all the amazing vendors that helped make this beautiful day possible for Sarah and Christian.  Definitely a dream team to work with!

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Sarah and Christian, truly has been an honor to have worked with you guys.  Every step of the way was wonderful!  Congrats to you both!

Elizabeth Ann Photography | 2nd Photographer Jen Driesbach – Photographer
Ceremony | Shove Chapel
Florist | Down the Aisle by Maria
Cake | Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery
Wedding Gown | from Danelle’s Bridal Boutique wearing Calla Blanche
Christians Tux was his Dad’s custom wedding tux!
Bridesmaids | Renz Bridal



  1. Valeria says:

    This is so classically beautiful! Your photos and lighting inside Shove Chapel are so inspiring!

  2. Jolie says:

    The hallway shots are lovely! What a beautiful church and you really did an amazing job with the lighting. And the Starbucks cups! Love it all!

  3. Jolie says:

    Wow! What an gorgeous church and you took a challenging lighting situation and created beautiful art. So so lovely. And those Starbucks cups, I love it!

  4. Kaleigh says:

    Aw man Liz…you never cease to amaze me! You totally nailed the Shove Chapel light challenge- those images are absolutely stunning and tack sharp!

  5. Oh my goodness – Shove Chapel looks like such a perfect and intimate spot for a wedding! You did a lovely job capturing this Colorado couple’s wedding day— I’m going to be looking at these photos over and over again!

  6. Jan Freire says:

    I love the story behind!!! And everything about this wedding. You did an awesome job!
    btw… why we don’t have such a beautiful Starbucks girls in Miami? lol

  7. Nicole says:

    What a gorgeous wedding! Shove Chapel is beautiful and you did such a great job capturing the love and emotion of their wedding day.

  8. Jennifer K says:

    These are stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful. And what a gorgeous use of the light inside this chapel in your wedding portraits. Every detail is just magical!

  9. EJ says:

    As always, your work is stunning! The Shove Chapel is so romantic!

  10. ginny says:

    My jaw may have dropped a few times… Holy cow. Amazing! This couple must be soo happy!

  11. Jess says:

    So many incredible shots in this post that it’s hard to choose a favorite. You truly rocked all the light in that church and the images with the flowers are amazing! Beautiful work at the Shove Chapel!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Jess! Shove Chapel is absolutely amazing with all its light and shadows playing everywhere. Def. created some drama!

  12. Uncle Chuck says:

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you and your team did for our families. I was already highly impressed by the quality of their engagement photos, but you truly showed your matchless skills in the work done of the wedding. My niece is a lady of grace and beauty, both inwardly as well as outwardly. You captured her tenderness of heart and the kindness in her eyes as well as the obvious adoration they have for each other. Not only are the photos quite extraordinary, but your professionalism is of the utmost caliber. You were present yet not seen…moving in for that perfectly timed shot and slipping into the shadows. We all knew you were there, at the wedding, at the reception, the getaway moments, and those personal precious seconds that mean so much, yet never in the way, never a feature or focus, just a whisper of a secret. It was a blessing to meet you and your work is a treasured gift. I pray blessings for you and your business. Again, thank you very much!

    • admin says:

      Wow! I just want to say that your comment will be on that I hold closely for a while. Absolutely touched by your kind words. It was such an honor to be part of their beautiful day and I’m so beyond thrilled that we were able to capture the heart and soul of who Christian and Sarah are. Thank you again!

  13. Emily says:

    Wow this is stunning! And Shove Chapel is so beautiful. The stain glass windows look like something out of a dream.

  14. Sarah says:

    Wow! Shove chapel is lovely. You are such a talented wedding photographer these are amazing

  15. Aryn Baker says:

    These wedding photos are beautiful! Shove Chapel looks like a gorgeous place to get married.

  16. Joanne says:

    Congratulations! You make a beautiful couple.

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