Vail Creekside Wedding | Rachel and George

December 16, 2020

Vail Creekside Wedding | Rachel and George

From our very first phone conversation I knew I wanted to work with Rachel and George. They simply are a couple you want to know more about. They laugh easily together and most importantly they share a love of cats like I do. Haha. They each had a cat of their own and when they moved in together they were not sure how they would do…the cats bonded and were friends from the beginning. There is a photo of them included in this blog post as having cats at a wedding would be amazing but difficult to navigate lol. But back to these two. They have a way about them that invites you in and makes you want to smile back. I love their passion for making the world a better place…either in how they choose to eat or in how they take care of their environment. All with such a fun sense of humor too. I often ask to follow my couples through out the year on instagram and its such a fun way of getting to know them. I felt like I knew them when I walked into their wedding day.

And yes, 2020, made for some wild adaptions for most of my couples and for Rachel and George…their plan B was amazing. They had to sadly cut down the size of their guest list and then moved it all to one of their family members beautiful home just outside of Vail…right next to the most gorgeous creek. Beautiful rock formations, large trees, flowers blooming all around…it was so gorgeous guys! They had delicious food catered in and desserts made by George’s family. George and Rachel shared a first dance that set the tone for an incredible night of dancing under the twinkly lights in the tent. A smaller wedding with incredible souls that made a beautiful night for Rachel and George to remember. I have so enjoyed going back through their day and had a constant smile thinking about all the incredible moments. , Canlı Casino Siteleri

Rachel and George, thank you so much for letting me be part of your wedding. Seriously, you guys are inspiring and I absolutely loved how easily you guys care for each other. You have a way of making anyone smile that is near you. I am so excited to see your next adventures together in that van that takes you wherever you’d like to go.

At the end of this post will be a list of all the talented vendors that helped make this beautiful day possible for Rachel and George.

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Here are a few of my favorites from Rachel and George’s Vail Creekside Wedding!

Elizabeth Ann Photography
Venue | Aunts Amazing Home in Eagle Colorado
Florist | Compass Rose
Catering | Relish
Groom Attire | Custom Suit by Indochino
Bridal Pieces | BHLDN



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