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October 30, 2015

Ohhh, a sunrise engagement session…a personal favorite for me.  I am a crazy morning person.  I actually have to tone down the energy level when I do an early am session as I know most people are not morning people.  I think I surprised Bonnie and Ben with my excitement over the morning sunlight.  Yes, we started just before the sun rise…and the colors were so beautiful.  I loved watching how the tones changed their images in just a few minutes.

But lets get back to Bonnie and Ben.  I have to say I love their personalities.  Sarcastic and funny…easily teased and they give back just as much.  We spent a lot of time laughing during their session.  And it made me want to catch up sometime during happy hour.  I loved their expression when I said, Okay its about to get weird…can I have your ring to do a ring shot?  Then the three of us were looking for the best leaf to use on a sidewalk and a man walks by and says, “its too early for me to ask what you are doing” We all just laughed.  I simply can not wait for their wedding day.  Two beautiful people inside and out…genuinely kind, and people you want to get to know better.

Congrats again Bonnie and Ben!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys next summer!  Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session.



  1. Sarah Hendee says:

    These are so good….very dreamy and soft feeling.

  2. Jess says:

    Beautiful, Elizabeth! Love, love, love your ring shots and the couple look so happy together!!

  3. Deziree Dufresne says:

    Well I thought I liked you…but you’re a morning person? Ew. Just kidding 🙂 I adore this session, and you definitely know how to work that early morning light like a boss!

  4. Julie Livermore says:

    Love the soft morning sun. The one of them facing each other and the sun peeking out from the tree…divine.

  5. Sunshine Lump says:

    Love the lighting and the couple is so cute!!

  6. Danielle Bond says:

    Love that morning light! Beautifu!

  7. Jennie Crate says:

    Yes, sunrise is a beautiful time to photograph! I love the shot of them sitting under the tree–the perspective is spot on.

  8. Dominique Gildea says:

    I love the light and the sunset in these photos… Its so soft and sweet!

  9. Adena Rossiter says:

    You’re so lucky you’re a morning person…I wish I was! These are so gorgeous, I LOVE the light!

  10. Lindsay Tullar says:

    ohhhhhhhh this couple is so stinking cute! Lucky you for having such down to earth looking folks <3

  11. Kristina Marshall says:

    Beautiful images. <3 morning sessions - the light is just amazing!

  12. Justyna Elizabeth Butler says:

    These melt my heart!

  13. Amanda Tipton says:

    These two are so sweet together! Great captures!

  14. Rayna McGinnis Mason says:

    Beautiful engagement session. I’m loving the feel!!

  15. Miqui Miller says:

    Wow! These make me want to get up early enough for morning shoots. Beautiful work!

  16. Monet says:

    The morning is my favorite too! I only wish I could convince more babies to come when the sun gets up! These are gorgeous Elizabeth! What a stunning engagement session.

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