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October 29, 2015

I love the way word of mouth referrals work.  Actually that is the main way my business operates…all though Google has been referring me quite a few clients (thank you ;p) .  But my hairstylist was getting her hair done and was telling, what happened to be Reyna’s Mom,to have Reyna check out my work.  (I did my girl Kerri’s wedding a few years ago) A simple conversation lead me to Reyna and Jon.  There is such a feeling of community when it comes to my clients.  Many of them know each other and it makes me feel incredibly loved and honored that I have been able to photograph so many sweet people.  So thank you to each and everyone of you that share my little small business with your friends…you are making a small business, a full time business for several years now!  <3 Truly blessed.

That brings me back to Reyna and Jon.  Such a gorgeous couple!  And I absolutely fell in love with their sweet fur babies.  They were incredibly trained too.  Jon would tell them to stay and you could tell they were thinking…but there are animals I can chase haha but they obviously adore Reyna and Jon more.   We hiked through Bear Creek,  enjoyed the gorgeous mountains, walked through creeks…I even made them stand in the middle of one and pretend there were not a lot of people around us.   Well worth that.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from their beautiful engagement session.  I’m so looking forward to photographing their wedding next year!  <3



  1. Ashley Louise McKenzie says:

    The light is to die for, and their pups are so cute!

  2. Virginia Stiles says:

    these photos are killer, as usual. Brilliant work. And I agree – word of mouth referrals are the best. Got to love good people sending you more good people! xoxo

  3. Sunshine Lump says:

    Stunning photos!!

  4. I love the colors in that first photo, they are so rich! Beautiful session and of course I adore the doggies!

  5. Oh your work is just dreamy! Beautiful location — and I’m just madly in love with the atmosphere you capture. And you even got the dogs to pose — love it!

  6. Jennie says:

    Beautiful light throughout and I love their dogs! I especially love the shot of them through the trees.

  7. Ashley Zenzen Meier says:

    Those pups are so cute and did so well in front of the camera!

  8. Mary Schlener says:

    Amazing work and the dogs are too cute!

  9. Libbie Martin says:

    That light!!!! So so pretty! Nice job

  10. Danielle Bond says:

    Beautiful as always! So pretty!

  11. Stephanie Morrell Sugaski says:

    So beautiful. That top photo belongs in a magazine.

  12. Erica Thompson Swantek says:

    Gorgeous session with such beautiful light! Love that they brought their pups too!

  13. Willy Wilson says:

    Really lovely. Excellent light and that last shot is magic.

  14. Devorah Roldan says:

    Lighting and location, GORGE! Aahhhhmazing! Love and I also love your blog page image setup. The fact that you can manipulate the image size and layout.

  15. Heather Conkin says:

    This is so sweet! What a beautiful couple!

  16. Crystal Stall says:

    I love the shot in the trees

  17. Autumn Cutaia says:

    You are the dog whisperer! The shots with them are my absolute favorite! Love this set.

  18. Monet says:

    What a gorgeous couple…and that light is perfection. These are magazine worthy!

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